Highly experienced speech pathologist in Bundaberg, for all kids big and small!

Has your child or adolescent been having difficulty with speech or communication? Alison Marsh has over 20 years’ experience working as a speech pathologist. She can provide a comprehensive assessment of their communication skills including:

  • Speech production
  • Expressive language
  • Comprehension
  • Stuttering
  • Literacy skills

Alison is trained in a number of therapy approached including PROMPT (PROMPTS for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets, Lidcombe Program for stuttering treatment, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and is highly practised in Alternative and Augmentative Communication.

Her speech pathology sessions are always individually tailored to each child’s needs, and she is experienced in working with children and adolescents with disabilities.

Often it’s not just the child who requires help and support. Alison likes to involve those surrounding the child by providing speech pathology information sessions and training for parents, carers, and professionals around communication and feeding difficulties. She can also provide assistance in trialling specialised communication equipment.

Mealtimes can be an especially stressful time for children with feeding difficulties and sensitivities and their families. Alison can provide advice and support for feeding and mealtimes and has undertaken training in the SOS (sequential-oral-sensory) approach to feeding difficulties.

A wide variety of different session plans are available, depending on the child or adolescent’s needs. Speech pathology sessions can be arranged at home, school, or at childcare as necessary. Skype sessions are also available.

As a highly experienced speech pathologist, Alison is an approved Better Start provider. She is also registered with Medicare and HICAPS is available. She charges per session so if your child needs extra time you won’t incur any extra costs.

Alison provides services to the Bundaberg area. She also has a Facebook page where she shares ideas, resources, and tips which may be of use to you and your child.

Call today on (07) 4154 3223 to find out more about the services Alison provides, or to book an appointment.

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